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Glamour is an online women's magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. Founded in 1939 and first published in April 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood.

Mary J mentioned, "For some reason I get Glamour every month and I hate it. I liked Glamour when I was younger, When it actually gave practical advice and beauty tips. Now I can't get through this magazine without disgust. It's became way too political, and I don't like the agenda they are trying to push, especially knowing they're audience is mainly teenage girls who want beauty and fashion advice..NOT POLITICS and especially not they're spin on it either. I do not like it I constantly feel like they are putting subtle jabs at our president and his policies & promoting things like #blacklivesmatter. As we have seen on college campuses around the country, these kids are being brainwashed and angry. I don't blame this magazine, There are a ton of factors in that, but this sure doesn't help. I also think there idea of feminism is stupid..just really dumb.. Then they advertise these outfits 345$ for this top 248$ for these matching pants, oh and buy the 95$ earrings too. Cause we want you to join our social causes but first make sure your rich and can afford these cute outfits and products because your nothing without them. As women we are better than this. I'm sorry this is a very harsh review but it's honest. I honestly hate this magazine and hate that it shows up at my door once a month."


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Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"dirty smelly place to work Cons: going to work"

Vendeuse en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"Salaire très très bas travaille très difficile et fatiguant"

cortador de tecidos (Current Employee) says

"Pessoas de bom coração; que ajudam o próximo Cons: Não registra os funcionários"

2 month Internship (Former Employee) says

"Working for Glamour was a wonderful opportunity that exposed to key people in the fashion industry. Being able to meet professionals in this field and participate in the various aspects of the fashion industry; sourcing, photography, and freelance writing. Cons: No compensation"

commessa cassiera (Former Employee) says

"ambiente esigente , ritmi duri, nonnismo, poco rispetto da parte del responsabile , Cons: ritmi duri, nessuna stabilita"

control calidad (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo en el cual se aprende experiencias de autoservicios con la ayuda del personal en el cual te brindar la posibilidades para desarrollarte en el ámbito laboral."

Kitchen porter (Former Employee) says

"Great place to learn about catering and getting to know more about that kind of job, as well as working with people, but the pay is very bad when compared to amount of work. Cons: long hours, low pay"

Manicurista (Former Employee) says

"El compañerismo no es bueno, la encargada es muy fastidiosa no se puede respirar Cons: No se puede almorzar tranquilo"

Dependiente (Current Employee) says

"Muy responsable y trabajador"

Representative (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to start gaining experience , teaches you how to be in front of people and how to sales different type of products. Recomeneded for no experiences persons"

Especialista en extensiones de pestañas (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente, aunque no es el adecuado por distancia. buenas propinas pero todo es mucho estrés y a veces trabajar tooodos los . Cons: no prestaciones"

estoquista (Former Employee) says

"Apesar dos poblemas particulares da empresa foi meu primeiro emprego aprendi varias coisas novas,particularmente sempre tive boa convivencia com a gerencia e funcionarios,a parte mais dificil do trabalho era qe os emcarregados nao tinha suas boas administraçao entre eles,a parte agradavel e qe sempre compriram suas obrigaçoes de pagamentos ,nunca tive poblemas quanto a isso"

Atención al público en negocio (Former Employee) says

"En este empleo tuve buenas experiencias debido a que fue mi primer trabajo en este rubro. Me enseño como mejorar la atención al cliente y como ser mas eficiente en ello."

cajera vendedora (Former Employee) says

"La parte mas sencilla fue atender al cliente, lo mas difícil era el horario laboral y la distancia que hacia de mi casa al trabajo"

EMPLEADA (Former Employee) says


Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Glamour Shots full-time Cons: Low pay and very retail"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Makeup Artist says

"I worked at Glamour Shots full-time for less than a year Cons: do not work here, trust past employees and reviews and save yourself. if you to be discriminated against, lied to, talked about and get minimum wage for taking all the stress that place gives you the yes so be it."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Photographer says

"I worked at Glamour Shots full-time for less than a year Cons: -The managers all are too busy cleaning up after certain employees get high in the bathroom and then screw up photoshoots (and yes management was aware) to even train properly. - Then, because they were too busy with the screw ups and not training you, they blame YOU for not knowing what you're doing. - It's highschool all over again where employees and MANAGERS ESPECIALLY will smile in your face and then talk smack behind your back to everyone else, including random hair dressers while they get their hair cut I found out. -$10/hr to put up with depressing atmosphere and attitude - Manager constantly talking about how the store is doing so poorly it's going to close down soon."

Former Employee - Makeup Artist/Manager says

"I worked at Glamour Shots full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Don't by the dream about the commissions as a photog/makeup artist...and if you ever venture into management, do so at your own risk. They practically hand you a block of stinky cheese and ask you for the moon in return."

Studio Manager says

"I have been working at Glamour Shots for more than 3 years Cons: Upper management has no realistic values or benefits for their employees. You are constantly reminded by the owner 'Jim' that if you can't make their unrealistic sales goals then it is because you suck and are completely worthless as an employee. Meanwhile the prices they charge for mediocre pictures printed on the cheapest materials possible is outrageous. All so they can increase their bottom line, it is completely ridiculous and clients realize this."

Photographer says

"I worked at Glamour Shots Cons: Dreadful coworkers, even worse boss. I am a peaceful, honest person and could not afford to dress the part required on the pay scale."


"I have been working at Glamour Shots Cons: I was told that I was hired as a Full-Time employee, but I barely get 3.5 hours/day and 3 days/week. The manager has worked at Glamour Shots around the country for 10 years and definitely acts like it. He makes you feel stupid if you don't know how to do something right away and he gives off a very older man working among young women vibe."

Photographer says

"I worked at Glamour Shots Cons: Horrible pay. Commission based. Long hours. I was there open to close 6-7 days a week and my highest bi-weekly check was $800. Lowest was $300. And you're expected to come to work looking "glamorous"..with that pay."

Former Employee - Photographer says

"I worked at Glamour Shots full-time for less than a year Cons: Long hours; did most of work and received very little commission"

Makeup Artist says

"I worked at Glamour Shots for less than a year Cons: they should really reconsider actually paying what they promised their employees"

Hanna says

"Ich habe ein Miniabo abgeschlossen und nach 3 wöchigen Telefonaten, wurden trotz Bestellbestätigung nie meine Daten gefunden. Es war ein Hin und Her. Mein Geld wurde aber direkt abgebucht. Am Telefon sehr unfreundlich und nachdem ich mich beschwert hatte, dass ich nach 4 Wochen weder eine Ausgabe noch eine Prämie gesehen habe und ständig hinterher telefoniere, direkt aufgelegt. Schlechtester Kundenservice. Nie wieder!"

Surferrot says

"Schlechtester Kundenservice aller Zeiten. Immer Probleme bei der Code Freigabe bei der Shopping Weeks."

Malvina Joelle says

"Ich habe ein MiniAbo (Probeabo für 3 Monate Laufzeit) ausprobieren wollen und sodann direkt gekündigt. Leider hat Glamour diese Kündigung übergangen und nach 3 Monaten den vollen Betrag eingezogen. Trotz einer Bestätigung von Glamour, dass diese Rechnung gegenstandslos ist habe ich mein Geld immer noch nicht zurück. Das ist nicht Gesetzkonform und leider auch für Kunden die gerne in ein Abo schnuppern wollen eine absolute Abzocke. Schade, dass man heutzutage keinerlei Vertrauen in Printausgaben geben kann zumal man sich in Zeiten von Covid-19 gerne einen Gang weniger zum Kiosk / Supermarkt einsparen wollte."

Veve Wonka says

"Schlechtester Kundenservice aller Zeiten; da ist ja die Telekom gesprächiger. 😉 Über Wochen etliche Mails an die verschiedensten Glamour-Anlaufstellen geschickt bzgl. meines Abos; ich habe nicht eine einzige Antwort erhalten. Sowas geht echt GAR nicht. Einen Stern musste ich hier vergeben, verdient hat Glamour aber gar keinen."

Sina Perlmann says

"Wenn mir langweilig ist, surfe ich gern im Internet und suche neue Mode- und Schminktipps. Meistens gehe ich dafür auf, weil ich auch die Zeitschrift immer gern gelesen habe und die Zusammenstellungen immer sehr geschmackvoll finde. Natürlich stehen nicht alle Artikel online, die man in der Print-Ausgabe findet, aber man findet doch viele spannende Artikel und Tipps. Mit dem Redaktions-Blog kann man zum Beispiel hinter die Kulissen der Zeitschrift schauen und sich ein Bild vom Alltag dort machen: Impressionen von Modenschauen, Nachträge zu älteren Artikeln und witzige Bilder sorgen für ein buntes Durcheinander, das ich mir immer wieder gern ansehe. Cool finde ich auch „Irmas Modeatelier“, eine interessante Rubrik, in der Tipps zum Selbermachen von Klamotten zu finden sind. Hier werden mal Accessoires, Mal ganze Kleidungsstücke erklärt und der Herstellungsprozess anschaulich dargestellt. So kann man sich seine eigenen Designer-Teile kreieren, ohne viel Geld auszugeben. Einige Artikel über Stars und Trends sind auch zu finden, allerdings bei Weitem nicht so viele und umfangreiche wie in der „echten“ Glamour. Das ist der Nachteil: Längere Artikel lesen kann man hier nicht – dafür aber jede Menge Bilder anschauen und sich inspirieren lassen. Witzig sind auch immer die Abstimmungen, die man noch aus der Print-Glamour kennt, à la: „Ist es in Ordnung, einen nassen Schirm auf den U-Bahn-Sitz neben sich zu legen?“ etc. Horoskope und Psychotests dürfen natürlich auch nicht fehlen und runden so das Angebot einer typischen Frauenzeitschrift ab. Ich surfe gern hier, wenn ich Lust auf Mode habe, aber natürlich gibt es auch noch Wichtigeres auf der Welt."

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